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The 2016 CAVORT CONFERENCE in Louisville, Kentucky will be here before you know it.  An important component of the conference is sharing ideas that sister theaters can utilize to better their programs.  CAVORT Member Theatres are invited to submit Bright Ideas.  All genre of projects are welcome, be it fundraising, working with volunteers or just a novel thought that will help a volunteer organization theater function better. If your theatre would like to participate in Bright Ideas but is not a CAVORT Theatre Member, please go to cavortinc.com to learn how to become one.  It’s easy.

We encourage each member theatre to submit at least one Bright Idea. Your submissions will be printed in a booklet distributed at the conference, discussed in workshop sessions, and reviewed throughout the following year, in our Newsletters.

There are no restrictions in terms of topics. Anything goes: fundraising or cost savings, outreach and membership recruitment and retaining, rewarding volunteers, one of a kind special project. All ideas are welcome, whether large or small. We are also interested in knowing whether you have used a Bright Idea submitted in the past by another theatre.

Three ideas submitted by CAVORT Member Theatres deemed to be the best will receive cash prizes: the winner will receive $100, and the 2 runner-ups will receive $50 each..  Judging will be based on originality, how easy for other theaters to use, perceived results and long term benefits.

Guidelines for Submissions:

  • Name of Theater
  • Name and contact information of person who can answer questions
  • Name and description of Idea  (You may submit more than one idea; please do so separately.)
  • Describe your idea in some detail; however there is a maximum length of two pages of text.  This is exclusive of photos, which are welcomed. 
  • List elements essential to success such as seed money, help from other community organizations or theater, etc. 
  • Estimated amount of hours required from volunteers and theater staff.
  • Estimated cost and if a fundraiser, estimated net income.
  • Results of the effort – Include how much money was raised (if fundraising); response from various audiences (e.g. volunteers, participants, recipients); other outcomes (impact on the image of the theatre in the community, awareness of volunteers, etc.     

If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth and Paul Bergmann, Co-Chairs, Bright Ideas 2016 at ebergmann@bellsouth.net or pbergmann@bellsouth.net

Deadline for Submittal:  November 30, 2015