March 18-20, 2016

Galt House Hotel
140 North 4th Street
Louisville, KY 40202



Louisville, KY


Actors Theatre of Louisville


Galt House Hotel

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A blend of theatre experiences and volunteer enrichment creates a rich program for CAVORT 2016.  Volunteer enrichment opportunities will include the following:


One of the most popular aspects of a CAVORT gathering is the opportunity to network with volunteers from various theatres around the U.S. and Canada.  Some may have come to CAVORT 2016 with specific volunteer needs and/or questions. Chances are good that someone at the conference will have suggestions that address your needs or answers to your questions. Or . . . you may be the one who can offer your expertise and experience to a volunteer seeking assistance. Each roundtable will have a designated topic and a discussion facilitator.  Registrants will be able to participate in two roundtables during the session.  During this session you can learn about fellow volunteers with mutual interests and discover registrants with great ideas.  We hope you’ll continue your conversations throughout the conference!

Volunteers as Advocates

A panel of notable figures from the Louisville arts community will discuss the critical role of volunteers in advocating for the arts in general as well as for particular arts organizations. The panelists will explore volunteer advocacy on a personal, local and national level.  This panel will be moderated by a long-time arts advocate who has been recognized as a “Louisville Connector.”

 “Creature Feature” or Education Excitement?

Anyone who has attended student theatre performances knows they’re different “creatures” from those attended by the general public. Particular strategies, often with volunteers playing a key role, are needed to ensure that everyone involved has a productive experience.  Our featured presenters, Education Directors from The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis and Actors Theatre of Louisville, will discuss how their theatres incorporate volunteers as team members to ensure worthwhile student theatre encounters.  Our panelists will also share additional ways in which their theatres engage volunteers in their educational programming. This session will be moderated by a veteran student matinee usher from Actors Theatre of Louisville.

Making the Arts Accessible for Everyone

Join us at the Kentucky Center for the Arts for a demonstration of how Actors Theatre and the Kentucky Center for the Arts collaborate to increase access and inclusion in their programming.  Learn about the significant role that volunteers play in providing those services.

It’s All About the Money . . . or Is It?

Theatre volunteers raise funds for diverse purposes and in different ways. Panelists from three CAVORT member theatres will share the reasons for which volunteers raise funds at their theatres. They will further explore strategies that have led to fundraising success. This session will be moderated by a member of Actors Theatre's Development Department.

Millennials: Engaging the Next Generation of Volunteers

The Millenial generation is taking its place in art organizations across the country as our newest volunteers.  This panel, comprised of Millenials united by their interest in live theater, will discuss the benefits of having Millenials associated with our organizations and strategies for getting them involved.